Employee Relations Services

Employee Relationship Services

  • Employee relations involve the body of work concerned
    with maintaining employer- employee relationship that
    contributes to satisfactory productivity, motivation and
    morals. Essentially, employee relations are concerned with
    preventing and resolving problems involving individuals
    which arise out of or effect work situations.
  • Rewise customizes HR help line available to employees
    throughout the business day to respond to inquiries about HR matters and offer practical and professional HR advice and counsel to managers.
  • Employee Relations Service Overview:
  • a) Employment compliance administration services:
  • • Conduct an annual review of personal files and provide client with report of findings as well as recommendations.
  • • Analyze forms and procedures to include recommendation of areas for improvement.
  • • Analyze human resource forms to include recommendation of changes to current forms or provide customized forms ready for print to include: application, offer letter, position requisition, instructions, reference form, personnel action form and state new hire form.
  • • Provide human resources policies and procedures by reviewing current human resource policies and procedures and indentifying any need for change or providing basic HR policies and procedures if none exist.
  • • Provide / review employee handbook (draft ready for print) to reflect human resource policies and procedures or modify current handbook to reflect any changes.


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